My Favorites Plants shop in TOKYO

I like plants, and my plants are growing steadily both at home and now.

The plant I’ve been growing up is like this.


・blue berry



・Rubber tree


There are many botanical shops, but I don’t really like the shop where you just put the plants.

The soil for growing plants and scissors are sold, so shops can tell how serious the plants are in the shop.

The shops that I chose this time, including the prices of plants, the visuals of the shop (the pleasure of seeing the shop), and other gardening tools (such as scissors) are all included, and I will introduce only the shops that I recommend.

Plant lovers, as well as beginners of plants, have carefully selected shops that will make you feel happy just by visiting them. .

“The Farm” (Minami Machida grandberrypark)are also many super rares! Large plant shop that is irresistible for plant lovers

This is a plant shop located in Minamimachida Granbury Park, an outlet facility that has been reopened after renovation in 2019.

There are a lot of plants outside and inside the store.

There are some super rare plants that you can’t find in ordinary stores.

For example, this.

Katsura Cactus! cute!

In this way, we sell plants that are not usually sold, and some sell for hundreds of thousands of yen depending on the plant. Lol

There is also a restaurant in the facility where you can enjoy a meal surrounded by plants!

”Hanakoyomi” (Ocyanomizu)Is the best place to buy soil and planters

It is located on the first floor inside the Watteras Tower. It seems that they not only sell plants but also cultivate them. I always buy the soil here because the clean soil and pumice are also sold at a low price.土を買いに%E3%80%80hanakoyomi-さんへ%E3%80%82(新御茶ノ水)-2

Depending on the season, there are also occasional events such as sale and all you can take away with a plastic planter with purchase of ○ yen or more.

There are many types of planters, and large planters are also sold.

About Area of ocyanomizu, Check on this!万世橋付近は、おしゃれカフェ、温泉、自然、歴?preview_id=1347&preview_nonce=caee7a1658&preview=true&_thumbnail_id=1267

”oceanside garden” (Ueno)Is a shop where you can buy rare plants at relatively low cost

10 minutes walk from Ueno station

Benjamin, olives and eucalyptus are sold. In addition, the selection of tropical plants and unusual plants is very good.

Large ones are sold in the range of 10,000 to 30,000, while small ones are sold from 1000 yen and are relatively cheap.

Recommended for those who want to enjoy rare plant growth without spending much money.

You can buy it at the cafe located opposite the store.

”Todays Special”(Hibiya)Is the best store with a full set of gardening tools

Located on the third floor of Hibiya Midtown. Horticulture scissors and soil are also sold, and you can find tools for growing plants.

There are abundant small to medium plants and succulents. The clerk will tell you if you ask how to grow, so it is a recommended shop for plant beginners.

You can choose from a wide variety of fashionable planters.

”SOLSO HOME” (NihonbAHI)Is a healing space where weekend events are fun

Located on the first floor of the Nihonbashi Takashimaya New Building Because it is in Takashimaya department store, the price is high.

However, the inside of the store is very clean. The sound of a small aquarium and the rainforest is also playing, so you will feel like buying a plant and above all healing.

It is a fun shop just to visit. I have never bought a plant here, but the plants here feel very lively.

This is also recommended because there are several events such as leasing several times a month.

”mokuhon”(GINZA)Is the urban jungle space

A plant that suddenly appears in a big city called Ginza.

The type and price are written or not on the tag. You may be an individual owner.

The store looks like a jungle. The shop is full of plants and there are few customers, so it is noticeable when you enter. The clerk is talking gently.

”Plants・Plants” (TOKYO,MARUNOUCHI)Hydroball gardening shop recommended for beginners of plants

It is an image that mainly deals with hydroculture.

You may think that the price is higher than the size of the plant, but the plant seems to be fine. I bought a small hydro culture of medium size before, but the quality is good because the roots are full.

Since the soil and chemicals used for hydroculture are sold in one unit, plant beginners can start cheaply.



How was it. Meeting plants is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. If you see a plant that you think “this is it!” At a store, please purchase and grow it.

As you grow, you can see that the plants grow visibly.

If you buy a little, please check the color of the leaves.

When you’re fine, you will heal us with the color of the healthy leaves!

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