Summary of cozy cafes in Tokyo

Summary of cozy cafes in Tokyo that I recommend

What do you want from a cafe?

Fashion in the store? Do you shine Instagram? Is the coffee delicious?

You go to cafes for various reasons. When I go to a cafe, I study, write a blog, work, …etc

Basically, the Starbucks is the best for me. Because the price is reasonable, there is wifi, of course, and the menu you ask is fixed, so I do not have to use my head for strange things.

The first thing I want from a cafe is “comfortableness.”

This time, I will introduce you to the cafes other than Starbucks that I found comfortable since I started living in Tokyo!

There has a map and address below!

“DANDELION Chocolate”(Kuramae)Is a spacious space per person

Dandelion Chocolate has only six stores in Japan, one of which is located at Kuramae.

It is open as a factory and cafe.

The second floor seems to be the main seat.

This shop is popular and it is very crowded on weekends, but it is relatively free on weekdays, so you can relax and use a computer.

It is good that the chairs are wide and the space per person is large.

I ordered a latte. If you order something, you can get marshmallows as a service!

“Oceanside garden”(Ueno)Is a space healed by plants and books

About a 10-minute walk from Ueno Station, there is a book cafe quietly as a hideaway. This shop seems to be a company that originally performs landscaping. There is a lot of houseplants in the store so you can be healed.

I read the book freely and it seems like I’m ok, so I can stay long.

Seats are on the 1st and 2nd floors. When I went, I heard English from the 2nd floor. Are you doing English conversation?

The store next to the store sells plants at a low price, so I decided to buy them.

Recommended for those who like plants.

“Blue Bottle coffee”(Kiyosumishirakawa)Is a calm space with high ceilings and white walls

This is a store designed by a famous architect, Schema Architect. Recently renovated and reopened.

When you enter the store, the staff will guide you to your seat.

The blue bottle coffee here has a rich sweets menu and can be ordered at the table.

I like coffee, but I feel bitter every time because It use a good beans.

If you ask for Macchiato with the feeling of Starbucks, the size is small and bitter.

My recommendation is Cafe Mocha. It is relatively easy to drink because of its large size and chocolate sweetness!

“CAFE SOUSEKI”(Waseda)Is a bright space where the sun falls

It is located at Natsume Soseki’s museum, Soseki Sanbo Memorial Museum.、漱石山房記念館-2

Since it is written as a book cafe, can I read Soseki’s book?

The chair here is not just a chair. An ant chair by Arne Jacobsen is used.

Arne Jacobsen is one of the architectural masters.

Ant chairs are, as the name implies, shaped like ants. The part similar to this ant’s butt acts as a spring and stabilizes the waist. So you won’t get tired even if you sit for a long time.

This chair is very expensive when you buy it, so please sit down a lot while you are in the cafe.

The sun comes down from the large glass windows and it’s nice to visit, so please visit on a sunny day.

My recommended menu is persimmon ice cream and roasted tea.

“Ronherman cafe”(Senndagaya)Is a lively space where you can enjoy shopping

A popular select shop, Ron Harman’s cafe is located in Sendagaya. I dropped off at Jingu Gaien.

It is a cafe with a shop, but the cafe menu is also authentic.

There are also pastas and salads, so it is recommended for those who are looking for a meal and cafe.

My recommendation is salmon salad. Good compatibility with yogurt dressing.

“SASAYA CAFE”(Oshiage,Kinnshicyou,)Is an American space where you can enjoy the vegan menu

This cafe is located about 10 minutes on the promenade from Skytree.

The restaurant has an American atmosphere and has a healthy menu including vegan menus.

Here is also relatively vacant on weekdays, so we recommend you take a walk and drop in!

“友安製作所Cafe(Yuuannseisakujyo cafe)”(Asakusabashi)Is a space where you can enjoy DIY products with high design

This cafe is located about 5 minutes walk from Asakusabashi.

It also sells stylish interior and DIY goods, wallpapers, tiles, and more.

The feature is that there are things with high design that are not found in other stores.

The space here is very fashionable and I would like to show it to everyone, but sadly I forgot to take photos inside the store …

The next time i go, I’ll be taking photos!

The recommended menu is a plate of lost beef bowl


What did you think. I introduced my recommended cafe. Please come and visit us once!

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