My Favorite Netflix Drama 4-must-see

We have finally registered Netflix for the upcoming self-restraint period!

Register with Netflix. What is my favorite drama is,,

It is a drama that tells the story of how the main character met his wife in front of his daughter and son.
I like adult romantic comedies that you can watch slowly
I like romance patterns, dramas that involve the work situation in my 24s and 30s, and the spirituality of the other person.

I'm still watching it, so I think I should add it gradually.

Easy-to-watch drama

1 ラブ (LOVE)

This is really the best recommendation.
It's a story about a love pattern between a woman (Mickey) who has a too crazy background and a good guy (Gas) who is crazy.
The age setting is probably around 30 years old, and various circumstances such as work, and addiction, are involved, but the high essence of comedy that makes you laugh from beginning to end.
Especially, the scene where the main character, a man (Gas), is at the mercy of the strong women in the drama is very interesting.
Estimated viewing time:3season, 10 story per 1 season、60 minutes in 1 story

2 クイーンズギャンビット (Queen’s Gambit)

This is a story about a girl who grew up in an orphanage until she became the best in the world in chess.
The first episode feels a little heavy and dark, but from the second episode it became interesting and I saw it all at once.
There are only 7 episodes, so it's a reasonable length.
You don't need to know chess at all, and the tempo is good.
Especially, the scene where the bond with the new mother is deepening,
The scene where the main character Beth wins one after another is very refreshing.
Estimated viewing time: all seven story、60minutes in 1 story

3 ママと恋に落ちるまで(How I met your mother)

It is a drama that tells the story of how the hero met his wife in front of his daughter and son.
In the drama, we will focus on the life of the main character when he was young.
There are many candidates for moms, so I don't know who will be moms.
Basically, the story goes on in an environment surrounding a total of six people, one hero and two of his best friend couples, the hero's uncle, and one hero's friend.
The content is easy to see in the gap time of about 25 minutes per episode.
The reason why I just laugh is because the script with a strong comedy element and the acting ability of the actors who manage it are excellent.
I haven't seen it until the end, so I'm excited to see who will be my mother!

Estimated Viewing time:9season, 20 story’s per 1season、25 minutes in 1 story.

4 ジュラシック・ワールド サバイバルキャンプ(Jurassic World Survival Camp)

It will be a Netflix original animation.
I didn't really trust it from the visuals, but when I started watching it, it suddenly became interesting from the 4th episode!
In particular, it's very interesting that the story is going on in parallel with the Jurassic World movie series.
"Ah, behind the scenes of that movie, did these kids do their best too?" Lol
The childrens  are too justice,
so Want to say, "What are you doing! run away !!!! ", but I have to put up with it.
There is a considerable sense of development, speed, and harassment.

Estimated Viewing time:3 season, 8〜10 story per 1 season、25 minutes in one story

5 ニューヨークガールズダイアリー (NewYork Girls Diary)
It will be a drama that follows the life of a good friend trio living in New York.

The age setting is about 26 years old!

The good thing about this drama is

1 A place where everyone can enjoy life with motivation and watch dramas comfortably!

2 Where there is no such person as "there is no one who can do this", which is common in dramas! Lol

You can be happy if you do your work and romance as positively as they do.

Also, social issues are well incorporated into the drama. (Genderless, discrimination issues, etc.)

We Japanese do not have many opportunities to fully understand such social issues, but this drama makes it easy to understand.

Estimated viewing time; up to 3 seasons. 10 episodes per season, 40 minutes per episode